Lego brick pop-up cards

A few years ago I started selling origamic architecture based pop-up cards on Etsy. I don’t make them much any more (I’m currently busy with other things), but recently I’ve had quite a few requests for instructions and templates for the cards I used to sell.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be selling cards again any time soon, so I figured I might as well post the templates that I have to hand on here so that anyone who’s interested can have a go at making some themselves.

I’ll try to add some more when I get the chance.

General instructions

Below are two instruction booklets that I used to have on my Etsy shop.1 They’re both fairly similar (the process is the same for all the cards), so if you flick through one of them you should find all the information you need to get going.

Don’t be put off by the template numbers – if it starts with S, you’ll find it under the small cards section; L templates are large cards; and E and B templates (envelopes and backings for mounting) are at the bottom under stationery.

Small cards

Small pop-up cards

These cards are 13 cm × 9 cm when closed. You can make two from a single sheet of A4, though you will need a second sheet for the backings if you intend to mount them.

Large cards

Large pop-up card

These cards are 17.5 cm × 13 cm when closed. They each require one sheet of A4 (as do the backings).


Red envelope

  1. Copy–pasteable version here